How to make an omelette

This blogpost made me smile as it first caught my eye as it mentioned Auchtermuchty and then when I started reading it mentioned Cupar and by the time I got into the post, there was Ladybank, the place I grew up. I might have to make time on my next visit to Scotland to include a visit to Ladybank’s Art Space.

A Drawerful of Porridge

A couple of weeks ago I was in Luvian’s wonderful Bottle Shop and deli in Cupar, browsing the serried ranks of gin and whisky bottles. I could have bought a £200 bottle of rare Finnish vodka, in a bottle the size of a fish tank. But instead I chose a couple of bags of pasta and some oatcakes … anyway as I was counting out my pennies I spied a postcard on the counter advertising an event at something called ‘The Auchtermuchty Food Museum‘. Auchtermuchty is about five miles from home and I was astonished to find an apparent foodbookophile right on my doorstep. I know I’m not alone in having spent far too much time and money collecting food books in my life; but a whole museum dedicated to the art? Entranced, I planned to visit immediately.Image result for the proclaimers Auchtermuchty

(Here’s an image of Auchtermuchty you might not have expected…

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  1. Kate says:

    How very interesting!

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