Knitting notes


One of the blogs I follow is Karen Templer  (Fringe Association) and a recent post she did was on Knitting Journals. You can find the post here.

When I posted about the skull jumper I am going to knit I posted a couple of pages from my knitting notebook.  If you check out Karen Templer’s journal you can see what I can aspire to. Here is a sample of her journal.

I am going to buy myself a spiral-back journal and start a properly archived book of the articles I knit.

It is only through my previous blog posts that I have some record of the things I have knitted so I thought this would be a more tangible way of keeping a record.

Since starting this post I have bought the notebook and some graph paper as I hope to be doing more fair isle work in the future after I have visited Shetland. This journal will be the tidy version of my knitting notes, I won’t publish the messy version.


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  1. Kathie says:

    Hi. I think that is a grand idea to have your own journal for your knitting projects.
    You have done some beautiful projects.
    Include those little booties you did a few years ago.
    You could also have a journal for your sewing projects.
    They are beautiful also.
    Have fun in Shetland.

  2. suth2 says:

    Thanks Kathie. I really love it when someone asks me to knit something specific for them. Now I just need to remember to record things in the journal.

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