The Long Paddock


One of our favourite restaurants is The Long Paddock at Lindenow. 

On a recent trip to Canberra we saw the original long paddock in action.  I am not sure if “the long paddock” is a term used in other countries but in Australia it is the colloquial term for the stock routes that cross Australia – open stretches of unfenced land that anyone can use to move stock for feed in times of drought.

The farmers are doing it pretty tough here at the moment as we have had a very dry Autumn.  The farmers can make use of the feed along the side of the road as the paddocks are pretty bare.  It was a really nostalgic view of the countryside to see the riders on horseback and the cattle dogs keeping the herd in order.  We saw herds on the way up to Canberra and on the way back.

You can read detailed information about the long paddock here.

I had no idea that there were rules to be followed on the stock routes, eg the stock must travel 10km per day to prevent overgrazing by one mob, and I didn’t know that the routes could be identified by the wider roadsides.  It is worth checking out the link to the detailed information.

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