Memories from many, many years ago


I think it would be at least forty years ago when I first learnt to play Mah Jong.  My brother-in-law and my sister taught us.  We enjoyed many fun games with my sister and her husband and we bought a Mah Jong set to use with our children but the set has been in the cupboard for many years now.  It is a long while since it has seen the light of day,

I was invited to join a Mah Jong group a couple of weeks ago and have since enjoyed getting back into the flow of the game.

I will admit that I had to read the introductory rules of the game to brush up on the rules before I headed out to my first game.  When I joined the group I found that they had a book that was far more detailed than the one I had.

I am really enjoying getting back into the game and I have bought the new book so I can be well prepared for our next get together.You can see how well-thumbed the book is that one of the player uses.

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  1. Lorna says:

    I’m interested to see that because I was given a Mah Jong set recently. I’ve never played it and the rules look quite complicated to me.

    1. suth2 says:

      The rules seem complicated but once you start playing it all seems very logical.

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