A window with a touch of Tour de France


I was surprised when I was in Bairnsdale recently to find that there was a shop that had devoted its window display to the Tour de France.  It really should have been no surprise as it was a bike shop.  I just hadn’t expected it.

The display was not complicated as it was only a bike but it was a very special bike.

It was difficult to get a clear photograph because of the reflection.

Again it is difficult to read the information about the bike but it is an Eddy Merckx Road Bike possibly ridden in 1984 at the Tour de France.

This bike shop is relatively new in Bairnsdale and there is already another bike shop.   I hope this one is successful as it provides specialized bikes for cyclists.

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  1. Interesting trivia on ‘Le Tour’. Not sure if my 1st comment was sent.

    1. suth2 says:

      No, your first comment I didn’t receive but I obviously got this one.
      Have you been staying up to watch Le Tour? I figured you might as the soccer has been on even later.

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