Something lacy. . . .


On my most recent visit to our younger daughter she brought out some knitting that she had started a while ago but found that she no longer has the time to continue.  I said I would be happy to knit it for her but my knitting tension is different to hers so it meant I had to unravel the bit of knitting that she had done.

I have now got started on the knitting which is from Patons Booklet 1225.

The shrug is knitted in a beautiful teal colour but unfortunately in my photos the colour doesn’t show well in the close-up shot.

I am hoping there will be enough wool as I have no idea where we would find the same wool if more is needed.

I am enjoying doing the lacy part, not so much the endless ribbing.

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  1. Catherine says:

    It is a very pretty pattern. And good of you to pick it up for her!

  2. It’s a lovely pattern and your daughter has a lovely MOM!

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