The Riverside Museum of Transport in Glasgow. . . . Tuesday Travels

The Riverside Transport Museum is a must see if you are ever in Glasgow.  The day we visited it was a wet day and we spent many hours in the museum as there is so much to see and read about.

A reconstructed street circa 1895-1930.  You really felt as if you had stepped back in time as each of the shops were kitted out as if the proprietors had just walked out the door for lunch.

Signs inside the pub.Horse drawn hearse.

This car was constructed to enable ease of maintenance.

Top two bikes used by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman.

Photos taken from a distance make the vehicles look as if they are just matchbox toys but they are the actual sized vehicles.

It was a fascinating place to visit.  I didn’t think I would be very interested but I was.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

If you go on the Hop On Hop Off bus you can get off right at the door.  The museum is free entry.

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