Misery in Metung

Earlier last week, Melbourne Cup Day to be precise, there was a fire in the main street of the village.  Unfortunately a complex of shops was badly damaged by fire.  At this stage it is not known what the cause of the fire was but the damage is extensive.

The damage doesn’t look too bad in this photo but the next one shows how badly the roof was damaged.

There are several businesses, a restaurant, a bakery, a fish and chip shop and a real estate agent,  that are now unable to operate and this is a blow to the Metung community.  The community will rally around and help in any way they can to get the businesses back on their feet.

The busiest time for these businesses is at Christmas holiday time so I hope they can get something in place for then.  The bakery is the business that will be sadly missed by those who rely on getting their bread without having to drive to Bairnsdale or Lakes Entrance.

Apparently the bakery may be setting up business in temporary premises across the road.  We have heard that the burnt building is to be demolished.

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  1. Catherine says:

    It is always dreadful when something like this happens. I hope the businesses get back up and running soon and that no one was hurt.

    1. suth2 says:

      No one was hurt but the businesses will certainly suffer until they are able to start work again.

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