Tuesday Travels. . . Eriskay


These are the ferry routes of Calmac Ferries and we chose to do the Island Hopper Route from Oban to Barra to Eriskay to South Uist, North Uist to Harris and Lewis and then back to the mainland at Ullapool. (All the orange islands)

We had good weather for the short trip across to Eriskay from Barra.

This is the small harbour where the ferry pulled up to let us disembark.

Gaelic is the prominent language on the signs with English taking second place.

Although only a small island (about 2.5 by 1.5 miles, 4.0 km × 2.4 km), Eriskay has many claims to fame that have made the island well-known. 

Eriskay is associated with the traditional Hebridean song, the Eriskay Love Lilt and is also known as the real  Whisky Galore! island.  It was just off Eriskay that the SS Politician ran aground in 1941 with its famous cargo.  If you visit the restaurant SS Politician in Eriskay behind the bar there is a bottle of the original whisky, procured from the wreck of the ship,

On 2 August 1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie landed on Eriskay to start the ‘Forty-Five Jacobite Rising‘.

Apparently this is beach where Prince Charlie landed.  Our accommodation was the house on the point of the promontory.  It had magnificent views and the service was impeccable.  I can highly recommend An Taigh Mor. for accommodation on Eriskay.

The view from the upstairs balcony.

This shows the causeway between Eriskay and South Uist.  Perfect weather for our forward journey to South Uist.

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