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When you visit the Outer Hebrides you must make reference to the Outer Hebrides website.  It gives you all the information you could possibly want.  We know we must return to the Hebrides in order to visit many of the attractions we didn’t have time to visit on this trip.

This tranquil setting is at Lochmaddy on North Uist.

Named for the dog-like islets that guard its entrance, Loch nam Mahadh – the Loch of the Hounds is the village capital and main settlement on North Uist.  The pretty village on the loch with Scandinavian type buildings is reminiscent of Shetland or Orkney. It is also the terminus for the ferry to Uig on Skye.

The nearby Taigh Chearsabhagh museum and arts centre runs a cafe, small shop and post office service and is also home to Uist Film.  It is a most unassuming little place that hides a wealth of information.  We spent a couple of hours in the museum and arts centre and found reading all the information really fascinating.

There were many boards like this one telling us of what life was like on North Uist and giving explanations of how life has changed there over the years.  It made for really interesting reading.

There was a display about the band Runrig. ( Runrig means a system of land tenure practised in Scotland, particularly in the Highlands and islands. It was used on open fields for arable farming.)

I discovered that Malcolm (Calum) Macdonald, one of the founding members of the band Runrig was born in Lochmaddy and his brother was born in Dornoch.

There was an extensive exhibition about the band and the brothers’ involvement.  The band’s limited edition gold record was also on display.  They played as a support band for many famous groups including The Rolling Stones.The band wound up in January 2016.

Runrig, the unlikeliest of rock icons gives the full story of this remarkable Scottish band.


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  1. Kate says:

    I enjoyed reading and watching this!

    1. suth2 says:

      Thanks Kate. It was only a tiny museum and art space but the content was so interesting and informative.

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