Recent reads in February


This one I read so I could talk about the book with my grandson who is now in his first year of high school.  It was an enjoyable book which reminded me a great deal about our trip to Manila many years ago and what we saw on the huge rubbish dump there, very similar to what is depicted here although an actual location is not divulged. The book also reminded me of the Bollywood movie Slumdog Millionaire.

“The book follows three boys from a trash dump city who come together when one of them discovers a mysterious wallet. Clues lead them into a huge conspiracy involving a corrupt official at the near top of their government. But the police are already after them: Will they get caught before they can find the stolen money, rumored to be a whopping six million dollars? And what will they do with the money if they find it?”

Many topical issues are raised in the novel.  Great for discussion.  There is a movie of the book so no doubt many of the students will access that too.

My second read is The Pearl Thief.

The Pearl Thief was a gripping story and read very quickly.

“When Severine Kassel is asked to authenticate some exquisite Byzantine pearls loaned to the British Museum, she shocks everyone by claiming they belong to her family. Her revelation sets off a frenzied pursuit of former Nazi, Ruda Mayek, with an ex-Mossad agent coming out of retirement to join the search.”

An inspiring and devastating story, this tale of Holocaust survival turned into a suspenseful adventure and it really is one of those books you can’t put down.

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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    So good to read Trash so you can discuss it. The Pearl Theif sounds good , I shall add it to my list to read.

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