Calanais Standing Stones. . . .Tuesday Travels


While on the island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides we made sure that we visited the Calanais Standing Stones. 

You can see the approaching storm and we were lucky that we were able to duck back to the visitors centre while the storm lasted. The skies literally opened and the wind blew a gale.  The visitors’ centre is the dark roofed building.

The stones have quite a history as they were erected about 5000 years ago and predate Stonehenge.  You can read in detail the history of the stones on the website link at the beginning of this post.

I have to admit that I kept thinking about “Outlander” while we were there.  I haven’t watched the series but I did start to read the first book.  I will need to return to the book at some stage.  This is the cover for the Italian edition.After walking around the stones you can certainly see why the stones were a place of  ritual.


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