At last some Shetland knitting for me

While we were in Shetland I visited Jamieson and Smith so I could purchase the colour cards for future knitting when back in Australia.  It means I can choose the colours and know they will be the actual colour which is so hard to do if you are choosing the colour from pictures on the internet.  Anyway, I also bought quite a lot of wool while we were there.

I have already made the Sheepheid tam by Kate Davies and now I am onto the second item which is a cardigan for me.  The cardigans, already knitted were on display in the shop and I liked the colours of the pale purple one so decided to purchase the wool to knit that.

I have finished the back and one side and have started on a sleeve.

I think I will still be knitting this by the time of the Tour de France so I will have knitting to keep me going.

These are the colours to be used on the yoke.Unfortunately I didn’t get the white which forms the background of the yoke so I have had to order that online.  It is cheaper to get it sent from Scotland than buying it online from an Australian stockist.

One wall in Jamieson and Smith.  I could have spent a small fortune.

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  1. Oh wow brilliant work.

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