A while since I have posted about Metung


This morning I went for a walk.  I haven’t been for my morning walk for a week so it was about time that I got back into my routine.  This morning I didn’t go on my usual route but decided to go for a bit of a wander down to the boardwalk.

You can see that it was relatively flat for most of the walk apart from when I climbed up to the lookout and when I went through the Metung bushland reserve.

The lookout looks out onto Chinaman’s Creek.I didn’t know that the lookout had been constructed by the friends of Metung.

At the base of the lookout is an information board explaining that the site used to be a Hot Pools Site which was closed down in the 1990s by the EPA as they insisted it had to be chlorinated but to do this would be prohibitive for the Metung community and so the hot pools were closed.

Presently there is planning for a spa site in the area of Kingscove. I have no idea of when that will come to fruition but we wait with bated breath.

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