Got myself some new wheels!


I finally decided on a new bike.  I had been thinking about getting an electric bike but changed my mind and went for non-electric.  I figure I still might have a few more years yet of pedaling under my own steam.

I have bought a Giant brand bicycle, Liv Rove model.

I purchased a bike with disk brakes, my old bike has caliper brakes.

I like the way the grear cables have been enclosed in the frame tubes.

The gears are much smoother than on my old bike so I hope I am able to ride a little faster.

I did a 36km ride on Sunday but I was still using my old bike.  I want to ride the new bike closer to home to make sure I am used to the new gears and brakes.  I will be ready for our next group ride then.

2 Comments Add yours

    1. suth2 says:

      I am very happy with my new wheels.

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