You need the right gear.


As you know I recently bought a new bike and last weekend I had the opportunity to try it out on the flat terrain of the rail trail from Nicholson to Bairnsdale.  Our daughter was staying with us for the weekend and as we had a spare bike we went for a ride together.  We had an enjoyable ride despite the fact that my new bike was not operating as it should. The gears were refusing to change smoothly and the chain was slipping when I was pedaling.  I was able to cycle well if I remained in one gear so that was what I did.

On Monday I took the bike to the dealer and explained what the problem was and he was surprised that it had happened so quickly on a new bike.  Apparently the gear cables on a new bike become a little loose after a few rides.  I left the bike with him and when I returned he said that the problem was not loose cables but the cables were twisted inside the tube of the frame and that was what was causing the problem.  He has fixed it so hopefully no more slipping gears.

While in the shop I mentioned that the ride was firmer than my old bike and he explained that was because my old bike had suspension in the seat post.  I was able to buy a similar seat post so now my bike will have the same suspension as my previous one.

I am off on a big ride on the weekend as a group of us are riding the 63 km from Traralgon to Stratford on the Rail Trail.

We are trying to build up our distances in readiness for the 100km we are booked in to do in October.

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