Some crazy knitting


My daughter asked me, quite some time ago, if I would knit her a fox scarf, the pattern was in a book she had bought.

I wasn’t in love with the pattern but because my daughter wanted it I was happy to knit it for her.  I always like when my family ask me to knit for them.  When I bought the wool I didn’t take much notice of what the lady in the shop picked out for me, my mind must have been elsewhere, and it was only after I got it home that I found it wasn’t pure wool.  I dislike knitting in anything other than pure wool.  This was 100% acrylic.  Shock horror.  Anyway I decided to knit it up as it was only a scarf and it did have the benefit of being anti-pilling! I realised after finishing the project that I would never knit in this type of yarn again. So something learned from the experience.

The book has lots of other crazy patterns.

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  1. lesleyconnor says:

    What a fun scarf. Looks fabulous. You have to wonder how people think up these patterns

    1. suth2 says:

      They must be really clever people to work out how to design such a thing.

  2. barbora says:

    The scarf is beutiful. Even though I do not knit much (or complicated things) I agree with your opinion about acrylic. I prefer wool or any other natural material, the coziness is different.

    1. suth2 says:

      Certainly no more acrylic knitting for me.

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