Lots of sport available

At the moment I have so many choices of what sport to watch on the television. My three favourite sports will all be on at the same time in the next few weeks.  I have had many late nights over the last couple of weeks watching the games leading up to the finals of the World Cup Cricket.  I am happy that Australia has managed to get to the semi-finals but disappointed that Afghanistan has had such a poor tournament.  My favourite player is Rashid Khan as I have watched him in the Big Bash League here in Australia.  It is Afghanistan’s first time in the World Cup so no doubt they will improve.

Wimbledon has also started but I have not been watching that.  I will watch it when it gets closer to the finals.  I am hoping that Ash Barty does well.

The Tour de France starts on Saturday so my late nights will be continuing for another three weeks.  I get a bit of knitting done when the Tour is on.  I love all the interaction on social media with #couchpeloton and #tolldj and I have my ipad going as well as the tv.

I bought the guide as soon as it was available so have read up on all the information.

My favourite team is Mitchelton Scott and the Australian riders in any of the other teams.

We are fortunate that we can access an app called SBS Tour Tracker which gives you all the latest information as the race progresses.

We also have the rugby Championships starting soon with Australia’s first match against South Africa.  The first match is on 21st July.

As you can see I am delighted to have such a selection of sport to choose from.  I think I may be using split screen on the television so I can keep an eye on two events at once!


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  1. Kate says:

    We are dying to get home to be able to watch FoxSport!!

    1. suth2 says:

      You will be home on Sunday. Looking forward to talking to you.

  2. Magdalena (Maggie) Steenkamp says:

    Hi there, glad to hear that you are a sport fan ! Now nearly aged 70, but once was a Phys Ed teacher which tells a lot. I’m an Afrikaans speaking South African from Cape Town and I love love sport. So sad that SA performed so badly in the cricket, but I’m sure we’ll give Australia a go in the rugby ! We travelled Down Under (NZ & Aus) 2 months ago and had a great time. Friends of us took us on a road trip along the Great Ocean road. The weather was just perfect and it was amazing. ☺ Maggie

    1. suth2 says:

      Hi Maggie, I am 70 but still love my sport. My sister was a Phys Ed teacher like you.
      South Africa achieved a wonderful win over Australia so it now means Australia meets England in the semi final.
      Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip Down Under. I am off on a cycling holiday in New Zealand in November. I am so looking forward to it.

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