A wonderful surprise in Bairnsdale.


I was walking through a little arcade in Bairnsdale, on my way to the dentist, when I came upon this wonderful little shop.

I had no idea it was there.  It certainly wasn’t there the last time I went through this arcade.  I found out that it only opened recently so that explains why I hadn’t seen it before.

The window display enticed me inside,and the interior of the shop was just as interesting as the window display.

You can see some jars in a basket resting on the floor.  The owner has provided free jars so you can fill from the bulk containers if this is your first visit and you would like to try.  You are encouraged to bring your own containers so there is no unnecessary packaging.  You can also purchase glass containers in the shop.

There is a variety of products in the shop and I will certainly be visiting it again.

I bought these two items and some bulk shampoo.  The website of Nicholson River Soaps gives you the option of buying online.

It is so good to see a local artisan doing so well with their business after time spent selling her products at local markets.  Well done.

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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Wow, what a lovely shop. I hope it does well.

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