Tuesday Travels. . . Vindolanda, near Hexham, England

If you get the chance to visit Hadrian’s Wall in the UK you must also visit Vindolanda.  I have spoken to some travelers who were disappointed with Hadrian’s Wall and felt that there really wasn’t much to look at, which is true if you just look at a bit of wall!This is a model of the fort settlement that is being excavated at Vindolanda.

Vindolanda was a Roman auxiliary fort just south of Hadrian’s Wall in northern England, which it pre-dated. Archaeological excavations of the site show it was under Roman occupation from roughly 85 AD to 370 AD.  I know it isn’t Hadrian’s Wall but it is an amazing piece of history available for all to view.  You can even volunteer to be part of the excavating team.

My husband and I have visited twice now and our visits were four years apart.  It was amazing to see how much more had been uncovered in the four years.

The site has a museum where various uncovered artifacts are displayed.  You need to allow yourself plenty of time to view the site and the museum.  I will let the photos do the talking. You can click on the photos to get them full size.

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