The joys of family

We have been lucky recently to have had visits from both of our daughters and my sister.  I love when family visits as we all seem to appreciate each others company.When our youngest granddaughter was visiting she brought her gardening gloves and her work clothes so she could help me in the garden.

She and her sister also helped their Pa as we had a load of wood which needed to be stacked.

When they had all finished helping us we had a picnic down by the lake as it was a beautiful day.

When my sister was here our elder daughter came to visit too with her two children and we had a wonderful time.Again the weather was great and it was so good to catch up.

Our granddaughter enjoyed a bit of time at Patterson Park.  The renewed park certainly gets plenty of use by the visiting children.

Our daughter drove us to Marlo and on the way we visited the Stony Creek Trestle bridge just before Nowa Nowa. This is the old railway bridge and you now pass it when you cycle the rail trail to Nowa Nowa.

We also visited a new boutique brewery, Sailors Grave Brewing in Orbost.  The brewery is in the old Butter Factory.  Unfortunately there is no opportunity to visit inside but we at least got to see the building where the beer is being made.

The beer is proving to be popular and we hope they continue to have success with their business.  It is great to see small businesses succeeding in the country towns.

We did a couple of small walks while we were in Marlo and the Landcare group has been doing some serious weed removal in the bush.

Our visit to Marlo also included lunch at the Marlo Hotel.  We had a great day.

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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Family visits are the best. Your young granddaughter certainly got properly stuck into helping you.

    1. suth2 says:

      It makes me so happy when she wants to help her granny.

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