Metung village update.

On Melbourne Cup Day last year, the building which housed a restaurant, bakery and real estate office was badly burned. I posted about it here.

Since that time there was a period where nothing at all happened regarding the rebuild of the premises.  The bakery moved to premises across the road and the Lockwood Real Estate office moved to temporary accommodation but other than that the activity was zero.

It was many months before something started to happen and the demolition of unsafe parts of the building took place.  Rebuilding commenced and I can now say that the building is complete.

It is identical to the previous building except for the addition of wheelchair access.

Where the Bakery was is now Bella’s Providore. Bella’s will be primarily a gourmet takeaway and produce business offering fish and chips, burgers, souvlaki, roast chickens and a range of salads.

The restaurant is not opened yet and they apparently are not planning to open until June. The busy Christmas period will be short of one restaurant and one cafe as The Smiling Chef closed down recently.  I guess that means others will get more business.

In other Metung news there has been activity at the beach area on Beach Road.Paths are being built to link the village to the back beach.

Barbecue tables have been erected and hopefully electric barbecues will be installed before the busy Christmas period.So good to see improvements happening in the village.


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