The roadside on our trip to Canberra from Metung

We recently spent a week in Canberra and we were able to drive there via our usual route which had been cleared for public access after being closed for some time during the bushfire crisis.The drive is via the Princes Highway to Cann River and then the Monaro Highway to Cooma and Canberra.

It was so sad to see the countryside damaged by the fires.  The photos I took while my husband was driving.

In this photo you can see how the road sign has been damaged and this has happened throughout the highway.  Just the task of replacing signs is a huge job in itself.

When we made our return trip a week later it was encouraging to see the new growth already happening as the country had had some rain.

It is amazing how nature has its way of reviving.

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  1. Miriam says:

    Nature truly is amazing. So resilient 💚

  2. Gary says:

    The amount of damage is huge and the amount of damage that can be repaired like roadsigns will keep lots of people busy for ages.

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