A new hedge was planted last year but the hot weather did its thing


At the very back of our property we decided to plant a lillipilli hedge as they are well known to be a fast growing hedging plant.  The plants we bought were of a reasonable size and they were doing really well until last summer’s scorching hot days when the hedge was damaged by the sun and we lost two of the plants.  This year we replaced the two plants and again in the summer we had scorching days which damaged all of the plants and we thought the whole hedge was done for.

I continued to water just in case there was still some life left in the plants and low and behold the green shoots sprouted.  There are five plants in the hedge and I thought we had lost only one this time but I kept watering it and it too revived.

Hopefully all of the plants will get a chance to put on some growth before the scorching hot days of summer 2021.

This last photo lets you see how tall the plant was before it was scorched by the hot weather.

I live in hope.

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