Book update


Ages since I last posted about what I have read so here goes.

Amnesia by Peter Carey

A novel about internet hacking and Australian history.  An excellent review is here.

Set in Melbourne and Sydney and embedded with Australian history this novel really appealed to me as the history is recent history and I could relate to it easily.

The cover is pixelated, I suppose as a nod to computerisation, perhaps the hacking of the photo?

The Darkest Shore by Karen Brooks

Downloaded on my Kobo I loved this book which is about witchcraft and fisherwomen in Scotland.  Set in the Kingdom of Fife, where I was born, I could relate to the places where the story was taking place. The independent women of Scotland stand up to a witch hunt, male fury and the power of the Church in a battle for survival.

The story is based on true events in the early eighteenth century and the use of Scottish phrases and Gaelic words added to the historical aspect of the tale.

Falling Angels by Tracey Chevalier

“A poignant tale of two families brought reluctantly together, Falling Angels is an intimate story of childhood friendships, sexual awakening and human frailty. Yet its epic sweep takes in the changing of a nation, the fight for women’s suffrage and the questioning of steadfast beliefs.”

This was an enjoyable read, again one with historical interest .

The Guardian review is here.


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