Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail


Yesterday i went for a bike ride on the Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail.  It is nine years at least since I was last on this trail when I did part of the trail with my husband.  We rode from Forestec that time, this time I rode from Bruce’s Road.

The trail starts off on open bushland then the trail wends its way through various types of eucalypts to follow the track of the old tram line that transported granite from the quarry to form the breakwater at Lakes Entrance,

I took a long time for the ride as I cycled slowly to take in the wonderful scenery. Enjoy the pictures.

granite quarry

Log Crossing picnic area

It was a magical ride.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    We will have to do this ride next time we visit you! It looks super!

    1. suth2 says:

      It was such a lovely ride. I did have to dismount for two steep rises. The gravel was loose and I couldn’t get purchase but other than that it was a terrific ride. Yes we should do it when you are next here.

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