It’s been a while. . .

I have just been told by WordPress that it is nine years since I started this blog.

I used to publish each weekday for quite a while but now I am at the stage where I only post now and again. I first started to blog as I needed some purpose to my retirement and a routine in my day but now I have many other things I do in my retirement so blogging has eased off considerably.

So, to the topic of today’s post. . . .Victorians will all have to wear facemasks from midnight on Sunday 2nd August as a result of another day of very high COVID count.  This announcement prompted me to make a couple of masks in readiness.

This was one I made a couple of weeks ago and was happy with the pattern so decided to go with this mask pattern to make a couple for my husband.

I am off on a bike riding weekend but one of the ladies is taking her sewing machine and I am providing fabric, (plenty of spare fabric in my stash), and we are all going to be helping make masks for those of us who don’t have them.  The evenings will be productive, along with a few gins and tonic.

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