Changes in Metung village


Since the start of the pandemic there have been a few changes in the village, obviously the wearing of masks is one but the other obvious change is the demise of some businesses and the opening of new.

One of the new businesses is The Local Metung.

The Local Metung is the provider of thin crust wood fired pizza.  We have used this new venture twice since it opened and can vouch for the deliciousness of the pizza.

My cycling group has also used the Local and we had the roasted crispy kipflers which were amazing.  The local also has a lovely range of salads. 

There is an outdoor eating area which is set for a restricted number of customers.

This is a great addition to the eating places on offer in Metung.

Unfortunately we have seen the demise of Bancroft Bites which is the shop on the left of The Local.  We are sad to see it go as it used to be a great place for a meal.

Another new business is The Farmer and the Cook.

This is only a small establishment but it houses all the lovely gourmet deli and fine foods that you might require.  You can check them out here. 

They have an excellent selection of hampers for picnics or for a gift.

We are so lucky to have such a wide selection of eateries here in our small village. Those I have mentioned are only two of the many available.

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