Things happening around the village school.

Metung School

One of the walking routes I have is through the Metung bushland which is behind the village school. There has been a bit of activity there even though the school has been closed during the restrictions.

The first thing I noticed was the nature strip had been stripped of much of the overgrown and straggly bushes on the Park Road side of the school. Then the vegetable gardens had been fenced off near the steps.

The next time I walked in this area I notice that some clearing had been done in the wooded part of the school grounds. It certainly looks much better. There has also been repair work done to the boundary fence and it looks as though access is going to be allowed from this corner of the bushland.

In the background you may be able to see a partly constructed shed.  More new work happening. 

Out the front of the school there is the new village of Spoonville  which appeared during the pandemic.  The children have been adding people to the village during shutdown.

Great to see progress at the school despite the fact that the children have been at home.  The children are now back at school.

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  1. That should help with preventing fires from spreading as well.

    1. suth2 says:

      So true. We are certainly so much more aware after last summer.

  2. photosbycris says:

    beautiful images and wonderful news that the children have returned to some normality Have a wonderful day Cris

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