Tuesday Travels…Queen Charlotte Sound, New Zealand

While in Picton we took the cruise of Queen Charlotte Sound.

The cruise was called The Queen Charlotte Mail Boat Cruise  as it was the boat that delivered the mail for many difficult to access places.

Here you can see the mail being posted at the end of the wharf.

And here he is accepting his delivery.

There were a few places around the sound where the boat called in to do the deliveries.

We also stopped at Ship Cove where Captain Cook in 1770 called in to make repairs to his ship.  He stopped at this cove several times in his three voyages to New Zealand, in fact it was this place where he spent most of his time in New Zealand spending a total of 168 days.

There was signage to explain the history of the bay and it was indeed a beautiful spot.

We could see the fresh water creek where they had access to fresh water.

Our boat also cruised past a salmon farm, that was not something that would have been seen in Cook’s time. 🙂

The trip around the sound had beautiful scenery and well worth the cost of a ticket.


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