Trying to get the routine going.


Yesterday morning I managed to get my early morning walk done before I had to attend an appointment in Bairnsdale.

The weather this morning was crisp after the super hot day we had two days previously.

This is the default route I take when doing my morning walk.

Part of the walk is off the road footpaths and one section is called the Billabong.

This area is home to a wombat, amongst other things.

When our elder daughter was visiting we did my morning walk and she noticed that there was a swarm of bees in the hollow part of a gum tree.

A bit difficult to see but they are there. You can make it larger if you click on the image.

Since my daughter did the walk with me an apiarist has installed a hive close by.

I haven’t seen any bees around the hive but I must admit I haven’t ventured too close to the hive.  I hope the apiarist is getting some honey.

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