A Serving of Scandal


This is my new author for January and it is a book that was lent to me by one of my book club friends.

The author:

“Prue Leith is an expert on gastronomy and one of the UK’s foremost authorities on all things culinary. She is one of the UK’s most renowned restaurateurs and caterers, a well known TV cook, broadcaster and cookery writer. She is also known for her formidable business acumen as a past winner of The Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year. She has in the past been the cookery correspondent for The Daily Mail, Sunday Express, and The Guardian.

She was born 18th February 1940 in South Africa, though she has spent most of her working life in London. In 1960, she started a business supplying high quality business lunches, which grew to become Leith’s Good Food, the party and event caterer. In 1969, she opened Leith’s, her famous Michelin starred restaurant. In 1975 she founded Leiths School of Food and Wine which trains amateur and professional chefs.” (Wikipedia)

She was the judge who took over from Mary Berry on The Great British Bake Off. Prue Leith had written many cookery books before she decided to write fiction.  You can find out all about her books at her website here.  She says her books nearly all have cooks, chefs or restaurateurs as main characters.

A Serving of Scandal

“Kate is thirty-six and mother to five-year-old Toby. She has a thriving business catering for private clients and her life is on an even keel. That is, until she gets a job cooking lunch at the Foreign Office and has her first fateful meeting with Oliver Stapler, Secretary of State. He’s powerful and charismatic, but also married and a father. He’s totally out of bounds but she falls for him.

When a journalist spots them together, he alerts the gutter press. Who cares whether Kate’s affair with Oliver is true or not? It’s a great story and will sell a ton of newspapers – and destroy several lives in the process.”

I enjoyed this light read so much I have ordered a couple more of her books from Book Depository.

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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed her books. Also enjoyed her cookery series based in her cookery school many years ago.

    1. suth2 says:

      I hadn’t heard of her. I knew who Mary Berry was but not Prue Leith.

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