Changes to our front road.


Since the repair of the culvert on our front road the council has graded the road so it is looking very smooth.  They have since watered the road each day for about four days and the next step was the sealing of the road.  This is a huge step as we have been in the house for twelve years and it has always been a dirt road.

The road roller was the first indication that something was about to happen. Markings had been put on the graded surface to show where the top layer had to be joined to the existing footpath.I was out for the morning and when I returned the road was almost completed.  I had to park my car at the school and walk over to our house and return later to pick up the car.

Hopefully now there will be less road dust.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gary says:

    Hope the dust is no longer a problem Heather.

    1. suth2 says:

      It has certainly improved things. Unfortunately our next door neighbour has a long dirt driveway so there is still a dust problem but not as bad as before.

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