Some recent weather events

Australia has had some fairly severe weather recently with floods being the most recent.  Fortunately for us we have not been troubled by flood although when we were away this week, so I could participate in a group bike ride, our village had 60mm of rainfall in one day.  That is a huge amount compared to our normal rainfall readings.  Thankfully our garden and driveway stood up to the deluge and we had no repairs to make when we returned home.

I went our for my morning walk yesterday, and it was obvious as well as having heavy rainfall the village had suffered from severe winds.  The power had been off while we were away and fallen trees were the cause.

This was the tree that had caused the powerout in Metung. The large branch had fallen onto the powerline.

As I set out on my walk I was surprised to find that the top of the path leading down from LeightonBay Drive had been repaired and it looked terrific. But, as I turned the corner I discovered it was only the approach at the top of the path that had been repaired.

The path was blocked by a fallen tree but I was able to get past.

On my return from my walk the workmen from the shire were busy removing the tree so all should be fixed by tomorrow.  It will be good if they resurface the remainder of the path but I am not really expecting that to happen.



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