It really wasn’t the weather for a bike ride


A couple of days ago my husband and I set off for Port Welshpool in Victoria.  I was going for a bike ride with a new group of riders, one of whom I had met on a previous ride I had done and she invited me to join this group on a ride of the Great Southern Rail Trail.

This map profile is small but we were riding from Port Welshpool to Fish Creek, which is approximately half of this Trail.

We had not planned on having such lousy weather and we were not sure if the ride would be going ahead but we set off for Port Welshpool in the hope that the weather would clear and that the other riders would be there..

The other riders turned up too so we decided to go ahead with the ride despite the heavy rain.  It was a great ride but my goodness the grit that ended up in our bike gears was a bit much.  We had to rinse our bikes off when we reached Foster for lunch.

At the end of the ride you can see how much grit from the trail surface had splashed up onto our clothing. I was certainly glad of my wet weather gear.  I had a Goretex parka so I was dry up top.

I had a great day and that night we all met up with some other riders who were riding from the other end of the trail, from Leongatha. We had a delightful evening where we were staying in the Fish Creek Hotel.   Delicious meals were had by all.

I had booked accommodation for the following day in Leongatha as we were going to be riding that section of the trail the next day but wisely I cancelled the accommodation as the rain had well and truly set in.  I will need to finish the trail some other day in the future.  None of the other riders finished the trail either.

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