Ages since I last added to my 2021 Reading Challenge

This book caught my eye in the bookshop at Bright.  It reminded me of another book I had read. . . .

I liked the sound of the blurb on the back so bought it and I will admit that I read it quickly.  While reading the book I was also reminded of Stasiland by Anna Funder.

I find it interesting how a book cover can influence my choice of purchase.  Look at the various covers for The Secrets We Kept.

The Secrets We Kept was a terrific read.

From the back of the book:

“No one looks twice at the women in the typing pool.

No one knows that two of them are trading secrets.

The secret is a book, the size of the one in your hands, and within its pages, a love story that could change the world.

But where there is love, there is pain.  And where there is deception, formidable danger……”

The book is about the novel Doctor Zhivago, the author and his lover and how the book was banned but America managed to get the book published and into Russia ( all based on fact ) intermingled with fiction re the ‘spies’ of the 1950’s, the ‘typists’ of the American Govt, who saw all and said nothing and a forbidden love affair between a typist and a spy.

After finishing the book I wanted to read Doctor Zhivago again, so many years since I read that novel.

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