Day one of cycling Tour de Vines


We started our cycling adventure with a quick reconnoiter of the main streets of Beechworth and then headed off towards the Rail Trail and our first stop at Pennyweight Winery.


We had a wine tasting session there, knowing that if we made any purchases they would be collected by Darren and taken to our final stop on our tour.IMG_7852

We then headed to Everton admiring the views along the way. Everton was a former station on the rail line. Off again, this time to Gapsted Winery where we were booked for a platter lunch and wine tasting.

We spent considerable time at the winery as the outlook was beautiful and the food was delicious, not to mention the excellent wines we tasted.


Our next stop was to be our accommodation for the evening at Myrtleford so there was no rush to ride the last little bit of the trail to our destination.

Our accommodation was again top class.


We were booked into Bastoni’s for dinner and again we had a delicious meal after a short walk into the centre of Myrtleford.

We had been extremely lucky with the weather as it was not too hot and no rain had fallen.

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