An abundance of blooms


We are so fortunate at the moment to have some amazing blooms in the garden. Our hibiscus, proteas and leucadendrons are flowering profusely. We have one large protea bush in the garden and that is where the bulk of the blooms come from. We have, over the years, planted other proteas and they are now producing blooms as well. I love being able to have garden blooms in the house.

There are two types of protea, protea aurea and protea Pink Ice and leucodendron in this vase. Our leucadendron bushes are not as well established but have done well this year as we have had more rain than usual.

The bush I am happy about this year is the one that has the green variety of protea.

Protea nertifolia Green Mink.

I am hoping that it will soon be well established and I will be able to cut more than half a dozen blooms from the bush.

The well established bush, Pink Ice, will need some severe pruning once the flowering season is over.

I love having flowers in the house. It gives me joy.

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