Phillip Island, Victoria. . . Tuesday Travels


Since COVID there has been no chance of overseas travel and more often than not there has been no chance of interstate travel so we have been making use of the time to travel in our own backyard, the state of Victoria.

On one of the trips we did before our most recent lockdown, which we are still in, we travelled south west from Metung on our way to Lancefield.  We planned to visit a few places after a weekend at Lancefield where our elder daughter was participating in Run the Rock. 

I had secretly, for many years, wanted to visit the racetrack at Phillip Island and was delighted that we were able to do so despite some of the restrictions that were still in force due to COVID.

We were able to view the exhibitions and an extremely knowledgeable guide gave us explanations of how things operated when in full swing.

The place had an eerie feel to it as there were very few people there and no doubt when racing is on you would be jam packed in the various areas.

I am not a huge racing fan but I was delighted to see that there were displays for both Australians Wayne Gardner and Peter Brock.


There were displays of bikes and cars which no doubt had motor enthusiasts enthralled.

It was great to get the opportunity to visit.

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