Hanging Rock, Victoria. . .Tuesday travels


Hanging Rock is probably most well known from the book or the 1975 movie, Picnic at Hanging Rock

The book is considered an Australian classic.

Our visit to Hanging Rock was to cheer on our elder daughter as she took part in a 5 kilometre run.  She did a great job and she is now getting herself ready to complete a 10km run in Melbourne, that is if COVID permits it by the due date.

We stayed at an air b&b at Lancefield and had a wonderful weekend.  This next photo is the post office at Lancefield, quite an ornate building as was the Bank in which we stayed.

Our daughter took us to a a lovely old hotel in Red Hill where there was considerable Scottish memorabilia and a Rod Stewart theme as well.

While we were there for lunch we were entertained by some musicians in  the beer garden.

We visited other spots during the weekend and saw parts of Victoria that were new to us.

A remake of Picnic at Hanging Rock was made in 2018 as a series for television.

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