Colder weather needs warm socks


Those of you who know me will realise that I have been watching cycling and most recently cricket on the television because that is when I produce most of my knitting.  I have been on a roll with sock knitting recently having knitted socks for both of our daughters and a pair for my son-in-law.

The top pair were knitted with double knitting wool so were much quicker to finish.  The other two pairs are in 4 ply and make a much finer finish.

The cycling I have been watching is the Giro d’Italia and the Criterium du Dauphine.  The cricket was the first test between England and New Zealand.

I am looking forward to the Tour de France which starts on 26th June.  I usually have a knitting project to work on during the Tour so I will need to get myself organised.

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  1. Those socks are beautiful. the winner of the Giro had it sewn up in amazing ashion. I hope Le Tour has more of a competition. There is also Wimbledon if you are a tennis fan, the Paralympics, the Olympics with the Lions tour thrown in for good measure. A sporting couple of months to come.

    1. suth2 says:

      I love it when there is lots of sporting action on the tv. I am hoping for some Australian success in the Tour.

      1. We are hoping for some Irish success.

        1. suth2 says:

          Certainly possible with Bennett in the sprints and Dan Martin in the mountains and my favourite, Nicholas Roche.
          I am hoping some of the young Aussies will get a spot in the Tour. Estaban Chaves is not an Aussie but he is one of my favourites in the Bike Exchange team. Of course Riche Porte, riding for Ineos this year might have a chance of winning a stage even though he is riding in support of Thomas.

          1. suth2 says:

            How could I have forgotten Caleb Ewan?

  2. Chaves is who my son thingks will do very well this year. i would like to see Bennett doing well again. Althought I have been a spectator at Le tour on a few occassions it is one sport which is better on the TV.

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