Our very own Winter Festival


It is winter here in Australia and here in East Gippsland we are having our very own winter festival for the first time. A festival which includes workshops, beautiful art installations, wine, local produce and live music.

IMG_8425The Festival has venues throughout the East Gippsland region and Metung has several events to look forward to and as the Festival has commenced we have had one of the events already, Metung Fire and Ice.


I was able to get down to the village green to watch the ice carving and although it was early in the proceedings I was surprised at how many people had turned up.  It was great to see.IMG_8418


The ice sculptor was not finished working but it was great to see the work in progress.  This is the finished product photographed later in the evening.

Screenshot 2021-06-23 at 8.57.10 am

Here are the events we have to look forward to and I will post about them later in the Festival.


The website for the Festival is here so you can check the details for places other than Metung.  You will also find more detailed explanations for the events happening in Metung.


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