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I have been very quiet over the last couple of weeks as I have been watching the Tour de France.  Here in Australia the broadcast starts at about 8.30 or 9.00pm and continues until 1.30 or 2.00am the following morning.  Needless to  say my sleeping pattern has been completely altered during this time and the day seems to disappear without much getting done.

 I have managed to get some reading done and the book I would highly recommend to you, particularly in the light of the police inspection of the Bahrain Victorious team during this current Tour,  is The Secret Race.

I did follow the story of Lance Armstrong and have read It’s Not about the Bike by Lance Armstrong but I have also read the book by David Walsh, 7 Deadly Sins.

I wrote about it on the blog in 2013.

This article from 2015 is still relevant today.

The Secret Race was a complete eye opener to me as the detail of the lengths that riders went to in order to compete faster was truly unbelievable.  Tyler Hamilton sets out in minute detail how the drug taking took place and the lengths that Lance Armstrong and odther team members went to in order to achieve success, destroying some innocent people along the way. 

If you are at all interested in the Tour De France I suggest you read this book as it it certainly worth it.

Another one I am reading at the moment and almost finished is Slaying the Badger which is the story of the rivalry between Greg Lemond and Bernard Hinault.

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  1. Paul Kimmage book Rough ride is also worth a read. I have read Slaying the Badger but not the secret race which sounds interesting. Getting ready for the start of the Olympics. First Iriah Olympian will be starting in a few hours. Another few weeks of sports.

    1. suth2 says:

      You must read The Secret Race it really gives all the secret happenings behind the doping in the Tour and elsewhere.

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