A new book series for me.


Three of the books I bought at the bookshop in Maffra were by the author Peter May.  I have written about him in previous blog posts and the three books are part of a series called The China Thrillers.

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 2.30.48 pm

The first book is called The Firemaker.


Taken from the back cover of the book.


A grotesquely burned corpse found in a city park is a troubling mystery for Beijing detective Li Yan. Yan, devoted to his career as a means of restoring the respect his family lost during the Cultural Revolution, needs outside help if he is to break the case.


The unidentified cadaver in turn provides a welcome distraction for forensic pathologist Margaret Campbell. Campbell, married to her work and having left America and her broken past behind, throws herself into the investigation, and before long uncovers a bizarre anomaly.

An unlikely partnership develops between Li and Campbell as they follow the resulting lead. A fiery and volatile chemistry ignites: exposing not only their individual demons, but an even greater evil – a conspiracy that threatens their lives, as well as those of millions of others.”

The series of six is a crime fiction series and if the first book is anything to go by I will have finished the three in record time. 

The book is a Chinese thriller showcasing  cultural differences and a love story all intermingled with aspects of Chinese history.

I will need to order the remaining three online.  Peter May doesn’t disappoint.


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