My finished Tour de France knitting

Before the sleeves are started.

It seems ages since the Tour de France was happening as now I am waiting patiently for the start of the Vuelta Espana which is only a few more days away.

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 8.25.11 am

My knitting during the Tour was finished before the Tour finished as the yarn was knitted on large sized needles. The wool is very fine silk and mohair and the resultant knit was almost lace like.


The finished article was so soft I just wanted to hug it. 


This is the first time I have knitted a top down garment and I am happy with the result.  My daughter is also happy.  She said that when she wears it she feels like she is being hugged by a cloud.

The pattern is from petiteknit.

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  1. It looks so fine like gossamer. La Vuelta looks incredibly difficult this year. I am hoping to get a capelette completed during it. It seems there are a number of difficulties with the proposed World Championships in Flanders Belgium. It will be interesting to see whether it actually goes ahead there.

    1. suth2 says:

      Gossamer is a great description for the cardigan.
      I have only watched one stage of the Vuelta so far. I am keen for Michael Mathews to do well but he hasn’t managed to win a stage so far. Hopefully in the future.
      We are having huge issues with COVID here at the moment. Melbourne has been in lockdown for 200 days this time around and the city is in its 6th lockdown.
      How long were you in lockdown?

      1. 1st about 100-110 days total lockdown. 2nd allowed 5k walk 70 days 3rd around 150. However, the country has not fully opened up. We had vaccination roll out from 4th January for those most vunerable and we are now doing teenagers.

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