Started a new project


Even though I have several projects that are on-going I have started a new one.

When we were not in lockdown, as part of rural Victoria, we visited my sister-in-law who lives about an hour away from us.  She was delighted to show me she had just finished a project she had started some 21 years previously!  It was a crocheted lap rug.  I liked the design and thought it would be a good way for me to use up more of my wool stash.


When doing a project such as this one you need to have sufficient wool of one colour to form the background.  I had just the thing to provide that.


This was a jacket that I had purchased, for a ridiculously low price, at a second hand shop in Canberra.  I knew that the wool was worth much more than the cost of the jacket hence my reason for buying it.  I was not going to wear it but knew that one day I would get around to frogging it.IMG_8662

These are just some of the skeins from the unravelling.IMG_8661

You can see how the memory of the wool is removed after it has been soaked for a while.


These are the first few motifs I have completed.

I am going to use up autumnal colours that I have so there is some link to each of the motifs.

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