Lots of book reading in lockdown


If you look at my Book Challenges Page for 2021 you will see that August has been a month of very serious reading.  I don’t think I have read so many books in a month before.  Here is just one of August’s reads.

A new author I have discovered is Matt Nable.  One of my bike riding companions lent me this book as she knew I had read the Jane Harper books and enjoyed them.

“STILL is an evocative, confronting and page-turning thriller from a brilliant Australian writer. If you loved THE DRY and SCRUBLANDS, you will love STILL.”

That snippet from the cover certainly was true for me.  I absolutely loved this book.


The story is set in the summer of 1963. Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia where it is humid and hot. The climate is also racist and corruption is rife. Women are the property of their men and the Territory is where people went to go missing.

From Mary White’s review:

“The Still is the perfect name for this book. The weather and location plays a huge part in the story, like another character. It is a story of murder, corruption, alcoholism, violence, racism, isolation and of course crocodiles. We have 2 central characters of Ned Potter, the police officer who finds the body (the first of many) in the marshland. He can tell from the state of the man’s body that this is bad..and he is right. But there are those who want it shut down, without finding the truth. Then there is Charlotte Clarke, a woman who married young. He husband is an ex rodeo cowboy and now fireman and is hardly ever home. She is bored and wants more out of life than being a housewife. When she finds it, she learns that things are not always as they seem on the outside.….
….The story is dark. It flows along at its own pace. Nable spends some considerable time throughout the book creating atmosphere; the damp, stifling heat, the mosquitoes, the drinking, the bullying, which all adds to the personality of this tale. It is a tale of cruelty and abuse, of corruption and cover ups. It is violent. And, in places, shocking. “

The book covers topics that still resonate today.

I particularly enjoyed how Nable has created the atmosphere of the Northern Territory in his writing.

Highly recommended.

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  1. Thank you for the review! (Adding another book to my to-read list…).

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