Metung Hot Springs

A long time between drinks!

Again it has been a while since I have been on WordPress and I now have at last got the urge to do a post.

I recently went for what used to be my regular morning walk but since COVID has happened the walks have been few and far between.  As a result of my irregular walking days it has been some time since I was last in the vicinity of the Metung Hot Springs site.


You can see from the billboard that the opening is coming soon.

Things appear to have really moved along recently.


Since the tree planting sometime ago  a new road has been constructed and some rearrangement of dirt.


There is also the presence of a large drilling rig and various storage sheds. The area is also now fenced off and what used to be a popular walking track is now unable to be accessed. Things are certainly happening.


This is looking through the fence back towards the area where the hot springs will be.  The deep hole in the foreground is part of the drainage system from the road.IMG_8789

This is that drainage viewed from the other side of the valley.

My first post about the Hot Springs can be viewed here.

Today’s photo:


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