IMG_8677So strange that this quote is at the beginning of this book being read during Australia’s push to get everyone vaccinated and AstraZenta is a hot topic during COVID.  The book was first published in 2003.

IMG_8678This is the fifth novel in the China Thrillers series.

“A top Chinese swimmer kills himself on the eve of an international event – shattering his country’s hopes of victory against the Americans.  An Olympic weightlifter dies in the arms of his Beijing mistress – a scandal to be hushed up at the highest level. But the suicides were murder, and both men’s deaths are connected to an inexplicable series of “accidents” which has taken the lives of some of China’s best athletes. In this fifth China Thriller, Chinese detective Li Yan and American pathologist Margaret Campbell are back in Beijing confronting a sinister sequence of murders which threatens to destroy the future of international athletics.”

I have really enjoyed this series by Peter May but by the last book of six I was a bit over all things Chinese.  I think I would have enjoyed the last two books more if I had not read them one after the other.  I think I should not have binged the series, better to have time in between each book.

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