Some work in the sewing room.

I finally have got round to doing some framing work.  I have lots of bits and pieces in the shed/studio/sewing room which need to be used.  I have been putting off a few projects as I have been busy in the garden because things are growing so quickly with the amount of rain we have had recently.  Today was a wet day and I decided the time had come to tackle my lack of projects.

I had several prints which have been given to me as cards at various stages and some I have had for many years and I am only now getting around to doing something with them.  They do provide me with some lovely memories.

On the internet when people show their work rooms they always seem to be so neat and tidy.  Mine is the exact opposite at the moment.


I decided I would tackle the frame measuring and cutting today, that way I only had to take out the frame cutting saw and associated pieces of equipment once rather than several times if I worked on each frame individually.


These are the pictures I will be working on now that I have cut out all the framing wood.

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